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Yazan Abdeen – Al Arabiya – 23 Feb

Yazan was interviewed by Anchor Nadine Hani and discussed what impact the turmoil in Ukraine might have on the financial markets in the GCC and beyond. With the oil price increasing this will inevitably benefit the Gulf economies in addition to money flow out of Russian markets looking for a thematic equivalent in GCC markets and particularly Saudi. That partly explains why the Saudi market has been so strong recently compared to EM or even developed markets.

Yazan Abdeen – Bloomberg – 14 Feb

Yazan was interviewed by Anchor Manus Cranny, majority of this interview was spent discussing the monster breaking news story that Apollo Global Management Inc. was a new shareholder in ALDAR in Abu Dhabi, a transaction worth US $1.4bn. This interview throw light about this announcement and whether it’s a sign of confidence in the UAE real estate sector, as well as Yazan’s opinions on Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company (SATORP), their performance since their IPO and why his firm’s hedge fund has a net short position for the first time

Yazan Abdeen – Sky News Arabia – 19 Feb

Yazan was interviewed by Anchor Ramza Zakharia and was asked about the impact of rising interest rates would have on the GCC economies, the sectors which will be hardest hit by rate increases and his firm’s investment strategy for 2022, which includes avoiding companies with high debt ratios

George Hanna – Citywire Middle East – 31 May

MENA equity markets are now ‘unignorable’ for EM investors
The way the US Federal Reserve and central banks around the world are trying to fight predominantly supply-driven inflation could lead to a global recession, warns George Hanna, CIO of AD Investment Management.

Yazan Abdeen – Al Arabiya – 13 June

In this interview with Fatima Daoui, Yazan said that historically, the high #interestrates, especially for #Saudi banks, was considered a positive thing because most of the costs of deposits in the Kingdom’s banks are non-existent, and therefore the cost of money for banks is very low. Yazan added that during the past two or three years, the banks’ strategy has changed in terms of conservatism in the direction of lending in the domestic #economy, as lending #portfolios have recently increased

Yazan Abdeen – Bloomberg Asharq – 20 July

Yazan Abdeen, CEO and Portfolio Manager at ADIM, was back on Bloomberg Asharq the other day. He was interviewed by Anchor Nour Amache

In a wide ranging interview Yazan was asked for his views about inflation, interest rates, recessionary pressures, energy prices and President Biden’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia

Yazan Abdeen – Bloomberg Asharq – 23 August

Yazan said that it is difficult to predict the movement of #US #stocks, and after the summer rally, it witnessed the largest daily decline since June. There are several factors that determine the market’s path now. All #markets are awaiting the outcome of the #Federal #Reserve meeting next Friday.

Yazan Abdeen – Bloomberg – 15 September

In this excellent interview, Salik IPO, the IPO market, Saudi, Qatar, the FIFA World Cup plus the chances of an Emirates Airlines IPO were debated between Yazan and the anchor Manus Cranny

Yazan Abdeen – Al Arabiya – 15 September

Yazan shared his views related to Salik IPO, the IPO market, Fed reserve decisions and implications along with the inflation in the market

Yazan Abdeen – Sky News Arabia – 14 November

Yazan discussed the reasons for the performance divergence in the key GCC equity markets, the sectors most impacted by interest rate rises and the outlook for the Middle East

Yazan Abdeen – Al Arabiya – 29 November

Yazan stated that the Saudi market was going through a logical and justified wave of selling, because the Gulf markets, including the Saudi which is by far the largest by marketcap. The world is going through an economic crisis and the GCC isn’t isolated from it. However there are still some positive reasons to still consider an allocation to the GCC equity markets