What We Are Committed to

We strive to build on our long-term track record of success, our commitment to excellence, and our focus on providing our clients with superior investment solutions.


We continue to build on our legacy by partnering with global asset managers to provide a diverse range of investment opportunities that create sustainable wealth for our investors and drive economic growth for our nation. We leverage our deep roots as a government-owned entity to access unique high-growth opportunities unavailable elsewhere and foster innovation to deliver superior investment solutions that generate long-term value for our stakeholders.

Our Values

Be The Best

We strive to offer the best solutions and services to our investors. We develop meaningful partnerships with our stakeholders and work as one team toward achieving our business target.


Lead Through Innovation

We approach work with an entrepreneurial mindset and develop innovative products and solutions that help our clients maximise their returns while driving economic growth for our nation.


Never Compromise On Integrity

We are prudent in terms of the due diligence we undertake and the risk management processes we have in place across all operations and services.


Family First

We provide a transparent, open-door corporate culture and nurture our employees. We offer an environment of continuous learning and development, and we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset.


Rooted Yet Global

Our diverse team of professionals has global expertise. We partner with leading asset managers from around the globe to offer a diversified range of assets for our clients.